Welcome to Lori Brunner Art (LBA) where we help you imagine, aspire, and indulge in the art of living beautifully. At the heart of this is the belief that original art is the important spark that brings together an interior, an experience, and a way of living and working. Luxury every day. Regular, timely releases of my new, original artwork will be shared, both online as well as at exclusive, in-person events. Along with original artwork, we offer bespoke products for the home. And very shortly, we will be initiating our online master classes on art + interiors. Look for this announcement soon.

My Background

Before launching LBA, I was fortunate to have had an extensive career as a professor of interior design at Iowa State University and Arizona State University. I taught numerous studio concentrations including workplace, residential, and hospitality design. As a lifelong artist, an undergraduate degree in architecture, two master’s degrees and a Ph.D., my passion for art and design is situated soundly in a multi-discipline, design background. However, my mission at LBA is to bring art and design knowledge, resources and products to a broader audience. Let’s have fun with art and design, and talk about creating beautifully curated, luxurious surroundings. https://loribrunner.com/about 

Original Artwork

My artwork is predominately abstract, where compositions are focused on texture, shape, line and contrast. I work in smaller scale as well as larger, grand scale pieces. I enjoy creating paintings in series, as well as statement pieces that would be perfect for hotel lobbies, company headquarters, restaurants, or of course, your home. Reach out to me if you are interested in discussing commissioned artwork for your next project! https://shop.loribrunner.com/collections/all

Bespoke Products for the Home

In addition to original artwork, LBA includes bespoke products for the home. Based upon the aesthetic of the artwork, these products work well in both modern and traditional homes. Whether it is lounging by the pool, helping the chef in the kitchen, or cozying up next to a fire, these products will make you look (and feel) good! https://shop.loribrunner.com/collections/bespoke

Online Master Classes on Art + Interiors

Yes, we said online classes, master classes. But no commitment for a semester or even a month! Have you wanted to learn more about a certain topic on interior design, how to create luxurious interiors? How to introduce art into your space for high impact? We know your time is limited and valuable. So, we will be offering short, online classes (over coffee, a glass a wine, or another beverage of your choice) as we dive into the world of art, interiors and luxurious surroundings. There’s so much to talk about. We will make it an experience to savor!

Useful Links

So come join us as we imagine, aspire, and indulge in the art of living beautifully.

Browse artwork here: https://shop.loribrunner.com/collections/all

Browse bespoke products for the home here: https://shop.loribrunner.com/collections/bespoke

Check out more previews at: https://www.instagram.com/loribrunnerart/

Check out the free guide, Luxury and the Art of the Interior: https://loribrunner.com/free-guide



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