Lori Brunner


Master Classes. Consulting. Research.

Whether it’s crafting the right set of questions or interpreting the responses from surveys of customers or employees, research can be daunting. Lori brings an artistic lens to help creatives tackle their research needs. Lori is a designer, artist, and researcher who helps you (creatives) find solutions for your business. From customer insights to employee satisfaction and productivity, Lori Brunner Design (LBD) provides data insights and analysis for your company needs.
LBD’s founder, Lori Brunner, has over 15 years teaching quantitative and qualitative research methods to master’s and PhD students in design. In addition, she has mentored hundreds of students with their theses and dissertations that had one common attribute—they were all designers who tackled important questions to answer (but had no or little prior experience with research or analysis). Lori’s credentials—a PhD in education and minor in statistics, along with her degrees in design (architecture, urban planning, and interior design), provide an uncommon mix and understanding to help guide creatives in their business.